Seawall Repair

seawall repair missouriSeawalls are present across Missouri in many waterfront areas including Lake St Louis, Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake, and others.  These were installed around these waterfronts to prevent eroision.  Thanks to the good old Missouri clay based soil these retaining seawalls can sometimes fail and push in or collapse.

Common issues with seawalls or retaining walls in MO are that they:

  • Pull away at the top
  • Kick out at the bottom
  • Bow in the middle

Many of these issues are a result of construction practices (lack of reinforcement) or not built deep enough into the soil.

Bad Missouri soil also plays a part by exerting pressure against seawalls, forcing them outward.

marina seawall repair moMarina managers and property owners at Missouri lakefronts could only replace the seawall in the past.  Helical anchor systems similiar to those used on basement walls are the affordable solution for seawall repair to avoid the high cost of seawall replacement.

Using the same technology used to anchor basement walls and commercial structures, the seawall anchor is installed past the bad soil into good bearing layers of soil and rock to lock your seawall in place. 

The system in environmentally-friendly and can be installed in restrictive locations.

These systems return leaning seawalls to their original position and can permanently stabilize these seawalls.


How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Seawall?

Because of the location and requiring specialized equipment, as you can imagine the price can vary.  Many lake front properties also can be horrible to get equipment in and out of.  Be sure and get several estimates for this.