Pressure Grouting For Sinking Slab Repairs

pressure grouting moSettling or sinking of concrete is a result of a settling underlying soil which supports the slab. Stabilizing that soil initially is important to the long-term success of a slab lifting process.

After the soil is stabilized and consolidated, the time is right for the pressure grouting process. A quickly expanding foam is injected through small diameter holes directly underneath the slab in short bursts. By speeding up the reaction with heat and by governing the amount of material that goes in under the slab, contractors can accurately manage how much the slab is upraised.

Pressure grouting is one of the proven methods of concrete repair and includes an accurate lifting action which can be controlled.

There are many Missouri concrete contractors with a very good track record of successful projects utilizing pressure grouting.

Repairing Concrete Structures & Slabs

The need for crack repair in concrete structures may be triggered by many different factors. Damage can occur to the concrete in times when direct impact puts stress on one area of the structure.

pressure grouting concrete leveling missouriCauses include:

•   Freeze / thaw cycles

•   Mechanical overload

•   Improper pouring in installation

•   Damage during transport of prefab sections

•   Faulty foundations

•   Standing water as a result of unsuitable drainage adding unsafe weight to the concrete structure

Injecting structural polyurethane foam inside voids underneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can support them without excavation and added weight. Slabs can also be easily upraised back to their original position with this technique.

Advantages of Pressure Grouting:

•   Quick and easy procedure

•   Stabilizes base and fortifies slab

•   Cheaper than replacement

•   Decreased mess and inconvenience

•   Much less disruption; very little loss of use

•   Work may be done in hours/days as opposed to weeks/months

Typical Applications

missouri concrete level groutingResidential Applications Include: walkways, driveways, pools, patios, porches, concrete floors, sub-surface utilities, retaining walls, and foundations

Commercial Applications Include: factory floors, elevator shafts, docks, driveways, and parking lots.

Occasionally mud jacking with a concrete product simply does not provide the precision and reliable results which can be attained with polyurethane foams. There are several advantages to pressure grouting: