Foundation Problems

Structures located in Missouri in cities from Kansas City to St. Louis, Jefferson City, Fulton, Columbia, and Lake of the Ozarks are often known for clay-based soil problems that cause serious and severe foundation problems. Foundation repairs not completed may result in structural damage to the property and a loss of your investment.

Formerly stable residential foundations can settle, shift, and crack, putting the house at risk.

Foundation failure may occur due to a variety of causes. Sometimes root expansion can shift a foundation off its footings. Soil composition, moisture levels and settlement are contributing factors. Fill soil that is washed away or that swells due to plumbing leaks or other sources of excess moisture can cause shifting, instability and cracking in your foundation. Drought, freezing and extreme temperature changes are also concerns.

If you are experiencing foundation settlement or heaving, cracked and buckled walls, or uneven floors - it is important to address these concerns before further damage to the structure has taken place.

Structures situated on bad soils are affected when their foundations "settle", which means they are being subjected to extreme moisture conditions and/or lack of proper drainage. Structures can also go the other way.  Typically noticed in concrete slabs (driveways, sidewalks, basement floors) they can also heave because of expanding soil causing a completely different set of problems and solutions needed to resolve those.  It is possible for a foundation footing to heave typically you don't see that as often unless the structure is light.  Heavier structures tend to settle, but floating concrete slabs will certainly heave very easily.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

As you can imagine foundation repair costs can vary depending on the problem, the size of the area affected and how much damage has already been done to the structure.  See our section Foundation Repair Estimate for more information on foundation repair costs.

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