Consumers Guide To Foundation Repair. 

How much does foundation repair cost in Missouri?  What is the best solution?  This site is designed to give you non-biased information to help you make your decision on the best approach to fix your failing foundation on your home or other structure.  Often times the companies or contractors providing foundation repair estimates structure the solution around the products they sell.  Many times this is a great approach.  Sometimes it is not.  We don't do estimates for foundation repair.  We can't give you exact figures on how much does foundation repair cost but we can give you some general expectations of repair costs.

What Type of Foundation Failure Do You Have?

We spent many years in the foundation repair and basement waterprooding industry. We have worked with many of the major players in this industry and respect the products and the jobs they do.  Our goal here is to provide you the best possible guide to choosing a foundation repair contractor in your area of Missouri and surrounding areas.

It can be overwhelming.  Take time to review this material as it could save you time and money down the road.